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Lighting Upgrades


We offer a number of different lighting upgrades:


Halo Lights are the single most head-turning modification you can do for such a small investment. Throw out what you think you know about Halo lights because you have not seen anything until you have seen a set of Halos in person. These Halos utilize the latest technology and can be seen vividly even in direct sunlight. Regardless of what you drive we have a Halo solution for you.

If you want something special to beautify the front end of your vehicle, opt for Halo headlights. Also known as ‘Angel Eyes,’ these lamps will catch everyone’s attention on the road. As for functionality, these are more efficient than most factory-installed headlights. While the stock lights use reflectors inside the assembly to distribute the light from the headlight bulb onto the roadway, Halo headlights project the beam through the ultra-bright rings, concentrating the light and creating an amazing halo effect. We’ll help you find the style and color that’s right for you.



LED headlights are another great choice to try when it comes to replacing your factory lamps. This type of lighting is an extremely popular aftermarket option as LEDs are brighter, longer-lasting, more durable and energy-efficient than normal bulbs. Next awesome feature these lights can boast of is their solid construction that will make you forget about all those fragile filaments, breakable bulbs, or sensitive electrodes so usual for stock headlight assemblies. For this reason, LEDs are just the ticket for car applications where pot holes, curves, and bumps would cause regular headlights to prematurely fail.



It is easy to get jealous of luxury vehicles with High Intensity Discharge headlamps, the lights that produce a slightly blue tinted glow. This lighting technology, commonly referred to as HIDs, produce more light for a given level of power than standard halogen bulbs. When installed and aimed properly, these lights produce 3 times more visible light than halogen bulbs making inclement weather driving safer. This Vision Extreme complete HID kit comes with HID bulbs, Ballasts, wiring harnesses and mounting hardware. The plug-and-play design makes installation easy with no cutting of factory wiring. Replace your old halogen bulbs and receive the convenience and safety of HID bulbs!



We offer LED (Light Emitting Diode) fog light bulbs that serve as replacements for your existing ones and mount easily in your specific fog light assembly. LEDs are a form of transistor coated with a substrate that emits light when current is applied. Because they produce more light per watt than traditional incandescent bulbs without heating up, LEDs are the perfect upgrade for fog light visibility, safety, and creative lighting displays.



Our Million Color Pro Interior Light Kit features surface mounted RGB LEDs making the included solid colors ultra-bright and vibrant giving the interior of your vehicle a custom, one of a kind look. The featured SMD RGB technology produces a more brilliant illumination by utilizing high powered 3 chip RGB LEDs that allow for lower profile tube and smoother operation than three individually colored 5mm LEDs. This car interior lighting kit includes four 12 inch flexible tubes that are effortlessly installed using micro USB connections that allow you to daisy chain each flexible LED tube to the next. Each tube features 9 SMD chips giving you a total of 36 ultra-bright RGB LEDs per kit, and can be expanded to include a total of eight 12 inch SMD interior lighting tubes. These million color car interior lights include an easily hidden control box featuring 18 preset solid color modes, the ability to create your own solid colors by using the pause feature during any color fade mode, as well as flashing, strobing, fading, and color cycle modes. Also featured with this kit is a sound activation mode, that when turned on allows any of the preprogrammed patterns to react to the music playing inside of your vehicle! All of the included lighting modes and functions are selected by using either the four buttons located on the control box or by using the included 4 button wireless remote, and an audible tone will alert you when you are changing patterns. For maximum mounting capabilities this car interior lighting kit includes 2 different power wire lengths along with 3M tape and screws that allow you to bend and curve each tube to your desired mounting location. Our Million Color Car Interior Lighting Kits include a one year limited warranty.



Surprise everyone when they open the door to your vehicle and any one of the many different logos show at their feet.Ghost Shadow Light Kits are a luxurious way to customize your car. Imagine the head turn when you open the door for the ladies and they see the logo badge of your vehicle lit up by high resolution LED lighting on the ground. These kits tap right into your door valet light and add a spectacular look to your vehicle. Ghost Shadow Door Kits come in pairs and light up underneath both side of your doors, or buy 2 kits and light up all 4 doors!!! Ghost Light Back Light Kits are on larger badge that mounts on the rear bumper of valence and illuminates the logo on the rear of the vehicle.



Our Million Color LED Underbody Kit features 18 different solid color options and includes a wide variety of lighting effects and speed modes that will give any vehicle a truly custom, one of a kind look. Whatever your cars theme is, we can find an underglow kit to suit it.



LEDs perform amazingly when used as strobes or brake lights due to their ability to light up .2 seconds quicker than incandescent bulbs. This fifth of a second means quicker response times from motorists behind, gaining everyone an extra 21 feet of braking distance. In this section you will find amazing lighting applications that build on the unique abilities of LEDs to enhance the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Not to mention they will turn the inside of your car at night, daylight bright.

Ghost Lights Available